Event App

By Nick Kirienko January 24, 2018

Event App

There are times that we cannot name our client publicly (developers must have our little secrets, mustn’t we?) But we can provide you with a link to our development partner’s site where complete information is available, so checkmate! In such cases, we may call this client either Mr. Coy or just the Client. This time our Client was a New Hampshire-based producer of business-intensive events which connects senior level executives for innovation in the retail, restaurant, healthcare and hotel industries.

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Previously, the Client provided event attendees with access to their personalized schedules and set meetings via the web application which had a couple weaknesses:

  • usage of the application via tablet or laptop was difficult due to the bad Internet connection in hotels and conference centers
  • the application design wasn’t mobile responsive, so drop-down menus were difficult to read weaknesses:

Seeking to resolve existing problems, improve service provision, and meet clients needs, the Client requested Ascendle to deliver iOS and Android applications to them. Ascendle then requested that we take over development.

In close cooperation

We united efforts with Ascendle although each team was responsible for its own field of work. EGO was working on the development of functionality while Ascendle was handling project management.

We were successfully involved with Ascendle while working on this project. They implemented the Agile Scrum approach at a high level for the development process to support communication and management from our side. The work was divided into Sprints with the utilization of Jira for planning and task settings. Weekly status update calls and demos, which concentrated on prior work and progress, helped us detect possible challenges and eliminate them in a timely manner.

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Development part

For cross-platform tasks we always implement Xamarin framework atch by a dedicated team of Xamarin engineers. To ensure the development process was going in a proper way we applied both manual and automated testing.

The mobile app functionality helps event attendees to interact with other participants and to always stay informed about everything that’s happening during events where they are on-the-go. Through the mobile app attendees have access to the most important platform features:

  • accept or decline an invitation
  • receive notifications about new invitations from other users
  • send requests to other users
  • cancel sent requests
  • cancel or confirm a meeting
  • review the schedule and the programme of events for other days (break, boardrooms, transfers, and others)
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Fruitful results

Thanks to our collaboration with Ascendle, the Client bid farewell to existing problems and got excellent mobile apps that can be used by their clients at any of the their events.

The Client was so pleased with the results that they have asked our efficient team to develop additional functionality for the application, such as social media integration and sharing contacts.

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Azure notification hubs










Manually testing using Acceptance tests
Automated Unit Testing
Performance testing (JMeter)





Xamarin developer
QA Engineer


9 months

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