Fitness Freak

By EGO Angel November 10, 2017


Imagine you had a personal fitness trainer without the necessity to visit a gym at a specific time several times a week – he is always right there when you need him, just in your pocket. You may say that this is not new, that there are a bunch of fitness apps in the app stores for any number of goals, weights, and so forth…

But hold on – this is not about a set of generic workouts. A real coach in your pocket studies every one of your moves, collects and analyzes this information, and tailors itself over time to you in order to provide comprehensive workouts specific to your needs. How was this possible? We integrated AI with fitness.

Meet the Fitness Freak – an app-based personal artificial intelligence coach who will guide you perfectly in improving your physique. Just answer several questions about your physical condition, set your goal and let him create the program to get you there.

Designed by experts, powered by AI

The Fitness Freak isn’t one more activity tracker. It learns and evolves over time, adapting to your abilities and schedule. Designed by expert fitness coaches and healthcare professionals the app combines human experience with machine learning to help you achieve your goal. This artificial intelligence coach understands your body even better than you do, so it encourages improvement more efficiently than a physical trainer.

Personalized workouts

The app collects your activity data and analyzes the impact on each muscle group. To provide you with a personalized training program and helpful training instructions the app learns as you train and adapts to you just as a real coach does. The Fitness Freak ensures a well-rounded workout without overtraining by giving the optimal number of reps and sets for each muscle group.

Flexible planning for goals to achieve

The app creates a personalized training program on a daily basis and may change it “on the fly”. Machine learning algorithms analyze your workout history and utilize this data to spread the workload evenly over the week. If you missed a workout or didn’t have enough time or energy to finish it up, the app will compensate in the next workouts to keep you in line with your goal.

Victory inspiring UI

The AI is smartly wrapped in amazing and user-friendly design which gives you a real vision of your progress. You can monitor the condition of different muscle groups at any time by tapping on the different areas of the sportsman’s body prototype on the screen. The Fitness Freak provides you with progress feedback through a dynamic animation, helping you to stay motivated and enthusiastic.

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