By EGO January 22, 2016


Project description

ManyWho asked us to help them create native Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) application. The complex development solution was provided and development team assigned to perform mobile development, design creation, QA testing and project management.

The key challenge was in dynamic UI development, which means taking generated objects and generating the actual UI for iOS and Android. All screens are generated “on-the-fly”, so the purpose of this application is to generate the controller layout based on the object descriptions coming back from the ManyWho engine. If the user selects a button action, this will prompt the view to execute the engine and re-render the newly generated UI based on the objects returned.

The app allows to play workflows created on ManyWho platform. ManyWho mobile player contains all components from cloud platform: Group, Presentation, Input, Text, RichText, Checkbox, Table, Image, Combobox. There is a File component that allows to upload and download files from different cloud storages, for example from Google Drive. Implemented navigation inside flow and selecting flows.

The project also includes HTML5 Player implementation for ManyWho serviсe. That player allows to show flows in web format instead of native.

Project Team

  • Xamarin Developer
  • Project Manager
  • QA Specialist
  • UI Designer

Project Terms 10 months

Project Technology Stack

C# | Xamarin | MvvmCross | PCL | SQLite | OAuth2 | JSON | JavaScript

  • Android
  • Framwork
  • iOS
  • Xamarin
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