Smart Tracker

By EGO Angel January 02, 2016
smart tracker

smart tracker

Project description

SmartTracker is B2B cross-platform application that helps to track the movement of workers. Shows the location, speed and service information. Also you can send check-in or photo to capture certain places or panic in case of trouble. App was developed for three platforms: iOS, Android and WinPhone. Additionally APK file was converted to the Blackberry mobile app.


  • one-touch check-in, panic or photo
  • view your location on the map
  • real-time chat with an operator
  • send your location with a certain interval of time
  • monitors the status of the device
  • runs on background mode
  • configure sending position by time or distance
  • shows the position of the device and service status
  • works offline

Smart Tracker app is available in the Google Play and AppStore

Project Team

  • Xamarin Developer
  • project Manager
  • QA Specialist

Project Terms 8 months


C# | Xamarin.forms | pCL | REST Api | parse

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