Vehicle Inspection App

By EGO January 19, 2016

Project goal:

SquarePeg Software Ltd provides their clients from Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and Great Britain with vehicle inspection software. When we had an intro to the project their software worked only on Windows Mobile 6.5 platform. SquarePeg team came to the conclusion that they need to make their product compatible with more popular mobile platforms if they want to be up to date, keep the clients` loyalty and meet their target audience needs.


Global target audience outreach

We had to offer the solution, which would help to keep the app structure and develop the same functionality products for iOS and Android platforms at the same time (the more platforms you provide, the more satisfied clients you have!). Thus, the only reasonable solution was to create the app architecture and functionality from scratch based upon the prototype of the client`s product. So, we set it off.   


The faster, the better. Plus, quality is at its best. 

Our client wanted to get the product done as fast as possible, and, of course, we wanted to make it possible. However, we took into account the product specifics and the future project scale. For the very reason, the most optimal decision was to suggest our client to start with MVP.

We outlined the critical and core features the app would be quite helpless without, and then created wireframes and project skeleton. After the app architecture had been improved and the project had got the client’s approval, we got down to developing functionality and started to refreshing the design entirely. As a result the idea to start with MVP had defended itself – the prototype was prepared on time and the client was fully satisfied.

Client wanted this to be done faster. In addition, we did this even cheaper.

The goal was to develop two apps simultaneously and we knew how to cope with this fast and not compromising the quality. We even have a secret weapon for such tasks in our company – certified Xamarin engineers!

For the record: Xamarin is the cross-platform development tool which allows developers to share between 55 and 90% of their source code across mobile platforms.


Thus, we significantly reduced the development time, as well as helped our client to save his money.

Surprise after project completion.

As soon as the project had been completed, we delivered the new product to a pleased client. SquarePeg team didn’t hesitate to launch it as long as they were excited to get their clients` first impressions of the app upgrade.  

The users were delighted with the app because their working tool had become handier and easily accessible. It was a tremendous success! Users started to leave positive reviews and preferences for additional app features. The growing interest from customers’ side proved that the app was really in great demand and we established a dialogue with the target audience. 

There’s nothing better for shaping the product than ideas suggested by people who use this app in their daily work and know what can fully satisfy their needs. This is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for developers and the key to the app’s success in its business vertical.

At the same time this meant that we had to roll up our sleeves and do our best. The reason was that initially the project pursued other aims and the architecture was not salable enough. The project architecture was tailored for the current functionality. So, we had a new task: to alter the internal structure of the project.

Eventually, the project architecture was completely rebuilt and became more scalable for the further implementation of the new features that might be necessary in future. Since then we were ready for the any upgrades needed for users.

What’s under the hood

A number of complicated features have been accomplished in this project. Some of the app parts have followed the existing patterns, others have been developed from scratch.

We have schematically divided the vehicle into major elements to make the malfunction detection more convenient. The project incorporates the full list of vehicle parts and detailed information on each component that helps to make a report as detailed as possible.

All the detected damage data is registered in the app and sent to the server for further processing by the special technical matrix. The detailed report with the final cost of vehicle repair is later sent to the user’s tablet. User can print this report using wireless connection.

A special feature that allows to create and edit photos directly in the app has been implemented. This feature overload the memory on certain Android devices, so we have also solved this problem.

The user can sign the report by his electronic signature to give these document legal force.


The TechInspect app is a working tool used by hundreds of thousands SquarePeg clients on daily basis. Thus, we have done our best to make it as adaptable and easy-to-use as possible by optimizing user experience. The users’ positive feedback has proved that we have really succeed. This project started in January, 2014. We currently continue our fruitful cooperation with SquarePeg by providing them technical support and developing new features for their product.





Scandit SDK


Xamarin Studio
Visual Studio





2 Xamarin Developers
UX/UI Specialist
Project Manager
QA Specialist


It has started in January, 2014 and we still continue to implement new features

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